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Wedding Tuxedos

Wearing golden colored clothes are most commonly looked upon as a bit too dashing and dazzling since it can blatant and overdone since gold is always a very bold and a risky color for a jacket. However, experimenting with gold is never a bad idea. The fear of it turning into a disaster haunts many and this makes them steer clear of the color. This misconception of men wearing gold being disastrous has been on the verge of changing in the recent times since many runway shows and leading designers have come up with unique and polished ways of handling a gold outerwear in the ensemble. The best way to sport them is by contrasting the flashiness of the color with other dull and neutral colored items of clothing. This creates a look which is subdued, cool and very trendy for suitable occasions. When done in the right way for the right occasion, you would be a trending popular figure who seems to posses his own unique style that sets him apart from the rest. They go well with dressier and informal occasions and you would be the talk of the town.

Mens Wedding Tuxedo

Rules To Rock Your Gold Suit

  • Silk is the material that can complement the shine of the gold color and ensure the maximum flashiness. If you wish to minimize the flashiness, then go for fabrics other than silk which don’t have a coating of shine on them like cotton, linen, wool etc.

  • A gold jacket is always a risky piece of clothing as accessorizing it has a lot of restraints. One must carefully consider them as there are limited accessories that can be sported with gold.

  • There are different shades of gold and it is the best if you go for a duller hue than a brighter hue.

  • The color of your shirt and the trouser pants should always mandatorily be a neutral one and never a bright one! Avoid colors at all costs and never ever go near primary colors for your shirt and pants.

  • The most preferred color for the shirt is white and for the pants is black. No other color combination would work with the jacket as it is too flashy by itself.

  • You can go with a solid black shirt and black trouser pants, making the jacket to be the lone item of color and making it stand out.

  • You can also opt for a white shirt and a white pant ensemble too as it would look very subtle and neutral.

  • Never wear jewelry of any kind, especially of gold color, since the gold jacket has enough bling in it and you don’t want to overdose it.

  • Therefore, avoid rings, bracelets, chains, earrings and every other jewelry. Wrist watches are also not recommended.