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Traditional Colored Suits

Traditional colors include black, navy blue, dark blue, dark brown and different shades of gray. Black is the default color for a suit and it has the most versatility as it is appropriate to all kinds of occasions and venues where suits are appropriate. The rest of the traditional colors are similarly versatile. When choosing to wear a shirt with a traditional color, contrast is the key. Light colored and pale solid colored shirts like pale blue, white or sandal work well with any of the traditional colors. Shirts which have patterns, pinstripes, checkered designs and plaid designs look great with the traditional colored ones, as long as they are complementary colors. All of the dark shades of traditional colors will make patterns stand out even more. If you find your ensemble too simple, accessorize with pocket squares, ties, pendant chains or whatever that looks the best with the look.

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Bold Colored Suits

Bold colors include colors that don’t come under the regular traditional color category. Colors that are of the shades of Reds, greens, whites and pinks are all bold statements for a suit. These funky colors follow the rule of contrast that the traditional ones do. The main point is to keep the colors and the patterns of the shirt considerably safe, subtle and subdued. As the suits themselves make a flashy statement, the shirts need to be simple and plain. The safest options for bold colors like reds and greens include white, off- white or very light colored subtle shirts. White shirts tend to be neutrals here as they can go with all kinds of flashy colored suits and maintain the sophistication of the ensemble. You can go for a black shirt with a white or a red suit. Another way to don the bold colored ones would be to choose a lighter shade of their matching color.

Patterned Suits

Patterned suits can be a bit of a challenge for most guys as they pose more risks than the solid colored ones and they are more complicated to be teamed up with. Patterned suits can include the patterns of pinstripes, checks, plaids and unique prints. Solid, muted shades of color are proper for most patterned suits if you want to reduce the flashiness. Though patterned ones are very difficult to pull off, when done right, they can create a look so trendy and yet so sophisticated which the solid colored ones would never be able to create. The safest pattern is the pinstripes which are vertical thin lines on the suit. They are very thin that they almost look solid colored and because of this they are considered very gentle and safe for those who want to wear patterns but not look too flashy. Wearing shirts which are of the color of the pinstripes is a great idea and it would look very elegant and fashion forward. Other patterns like checks, stripes and plaids are good too. Wearing a solid colored shirt under a checkered or a plaid coat is a great idea to maintain the focus on the suit and let the shirt gently blend in. The trick is to pick patterns that don’t clash, look too busy or are equally very flashy but actually complement one another without looking too garish.