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Latest Trends of Men's Suit Colors

Everyone will uniformly agree that it is the colors that adds fun and lend brightness to any social gathering. Though vibrant eye catching dresses are more associated with women, it cannot be denied that men can also wear different color attires to fit different occasions. They come in different colors, fabrics and styles and traditional ones are generally in solid colors with or without pin stripes or windowpane checks. When it comes to color, you have Navy blue, Black, Charcoal Gray, Brown, Tan, Taupe, White and Light Gray Suit . The most popular colors are of course black or navy blue or charcoal gray.

Shiny Burgundy Sharkskin SuitShiny Charcoal Sharkskin SuitShiny Burgundy Sharkskin Suit

  • Black - When it comes to black suit, it is one standard color that never seems to go out of fashion. There is a popular misconception that black suits are to be worn only while attending funerals or condolence meetings. Please know this belief has since changed and the modern black attire is now widely worn for virtually any situation including an office interview or a dinner meet. The reason is rather simple – many consider black as an eternal symbol of sobriety and sophistication. It can be appropriate attire not only for corporate events and business conventions but also for weddings and other formal get-togethers.

  • White – It is rather unfortunate that may people do not appreciate the classic look of a white suit. They are eminently suited for many fun events, sports meets, fashion shows and birthday parties and are available in various shades of white as well as patterns. Lest you forget, white is a color often associated with purity, joy and innocence and lends the wearer a quiet dignity. Many people fail to realize the grandeur of white suits. If you can disregard the public opinion and go dressed in a white color, you will certainly be appreciated for your boldness. If you really want to look unique and different from other guests in a social gathering, opt for this boldly.

  • Brown – Brown suits are very popular and it is the choice of many. While choosing them, it is necessary that you take some extra care to ensure that the suit color matches well with your skin complexion. They are versatile and look good on men of all physical builds. There are many shades of the same and it is suggested to choose light brown for day wear and dark brown for night wear. There is a wide range of brown color suits from a light brown to a deep chocolate brown. They are more worn on less formal and casual events. For long, brown was not considered an appropriate color for business meets. But since then, the trend has changed and today you see gentlemen wearing these with confidence on almost all occasions. If you live in a cold weather city, tan colored attire is ideal for spring and summer.

  • Navy Blue – Men's navy blue suit has a charm of its own and can be worn any number of times and yet you can feel and look refreshingly different each time. There are many fashion experts who uniformly opine that navy blue is the best color for a gentleman. It lends a boyish look even in adult men and for this reason most women want to see their men in navy blue. They are truly versatile and you can wear them for any occasion. A bit of looseness in the torso and some extra room at the hip should make you look casual and relaxed.

  • Red – Red color suits are generally favored by men who want to appear strikingly different and craving for attention. Red indicates you are bold and bit of a dare-devil. But when wearing it, you must ensure that the shirt and other accessories that you wear are sober and not flashy – lest your whole appearance will look jarring to the eyes.

  • Navy Blue Suit Double Breasted Suit Mens Tan Suit

  • Tan – Tan suit is acknowledged as a neutral color and looks good on all types of men regardless of their age and physical build. However, they are ideal for wearing during spring, summer and early fall and may not be appropriate in winter especially in areas that have colder climates. Gray color suits are supposed to lend a professional touch and it is the preferred choice of the elite. A fashionable fabric for men's gray coat has all along been flannel. Flannel wool is the heaviest of the non-tweed wools and so when buying this type of clothing you should consider an attire of the right flannel fabric that can be worn during all seasons.

  • Khaki – The Khaki Suit is perfect for daytime events and luncheon meetings than both navy blue and black outfits. They convey the impression that you are a practical minded person and more of a workaholic. Please remember there's a very wide range of khaki color - from a light beige hue to a darker brown shade.

  • Charcoal Grey – Charcoal gray suits are the preferred choice of many as it projects an image of authority, and professionalism. It is an excellent choice for men of all age groups and can be worn for both semi-official and official functions. Possibly the most versatile color, it looks good with almost any colored shirt or tie imaginable.

  • Light Grey – Light Gray is considered by many as the ideal color for spring and summer months. The one special feature of light gray color is it will go well with any skin color. The light gray suit along with white, light blue and almost any pale colored shirt make an excellent combination.

  • Taupe – Taupe is midway between gray and brown and it is a bit if a rare color. If you already have navy blue, charcoal gray suit in your wardrobe, you can add taupe color attire to it. It is a good choice for those looking for an extraordinary color without giving up a professional appearance.