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An exclusive collection of men's overcoat

The most effective outerwear to don on a cold day and during the cold months is an overcoat. They can be the best choices to keep out the cold and to keep you warm. Based on the style and kind of overcoat, they can be made from any kinds of fabrics like wool, woolen blends, waxed cotton, nylon or simple cotton. Wool and woolen blends are the most common as they are breathable, and they retain warmth easily. Woolen blends include cashmere, crepe, angora, flannel, worsted wool and so on. Waxed cotton and nylon have waterproof abilities, and they can be used on a wet day to keep the water from soaking in the fiber and ruining the clothes that you are wearing underneath. When choosing to buy an overcoat, make sure it provides warmth, fits you perfectly well and looks good on you. If you desire for a durable one, opt for the one that is made of wool and weighs minimum 4 pounds. In general, the heavier the coat, the longer they endure because the fabric can withstand aging. There is a size chart in our website that can determine the exact size of your coat based on your measurements. Browse through various overcoats present in our website and buy your favorites!

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Different Types Of Overcoats That Increase Your Appeal

Please know that an overcoat having a single-breasted exclusive style with notched lapel is lot more versatile than the double-breasted peak lapel. Here is a list of exclusive coats:

  • Chesterfield coat named in honor of the Earl of Chesterfield was introduced in the mid-19th century. The Chesterfield features Single-breasted fly front, short, notched lapel, velvet collar, straight side pockets, single back vent and side pockets.

  • The Covert coat resembles the Chesterfield clothing but primarily meant designed for hunting and outdoors activities. It is therefore tailored with sturdy durable material. It is called covert overcoat – obviously because of the covert bushes.

  • Paletot coat, true to its name, is French and is a relatively short one with many rich features. It could be double-breasted or single-breasted and usually with pleats and optional pockets. A Paletot is typical business attire with the right and matter-of-fact features.

  • The Guard Overcoat is so called because the English Officers of the Guard used to wear them. It is mostly available in navy blue color that is very similar to the Paletot except that it has a half belt in the back and comes with two or three buttons. If you want to appear classic and look for versatility, the Guards Coat is the right choice.

  • The Polo Overcoat is a typical American classic though it originated in England. These polo players traditionally wore a golden-tan wrap-coat to keep them warm. Today, the belt in Polo clothing has been replaced with buttons. If you are looking for an American celebrity coat, this is indeed the best choice.

  • The Trench Coat is a long coat that reaches up to your knees usually. It is commonly of khaki or sandal color, although black trench coats are present. They are good to be worn over suits on rainy days as well as on colder days.