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Tips to choose between 1 Button or 3 Button Suit

mens one button suitsWhen you plan to buy a suit, wide varieties are available to choose from, like single breasted, double breasted, one button, three button suits and lots more.

Men’s one Button Suit:

Men’s single breasted one button outfit has become dominant choice of suiting since last few decades. Like 3 button attires, One button outfits are popular choice for the fashion people. There are various styles and colors like navy, charcoal, pinstripes etc. One button attires are also referred to as the 1 button single breasted outfit as it is considered the basic model of the single breasted suit design.

Select one Buttons if you want to show shirt and tie. Nowadays fashion keeps on changing, like moving top button higher, bringing the silhouette closer to that of a three-button model, etc.

Men's Three button Suits:

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Men's 3 buttons outfits are popular since 1990 and even today they are considered to be fashionable. Select them if you like to wear a vest with suit. When you wear it, fasten the top two buttons of your attire and leave the last button undone. This gives stylish look with comfort while sitting and standing.

How long a man can wear 1 or 3 Button Suit?

For any attire it is not advisable to wear for more than five to six years as its fashion may be outdated and it may not look fresh. Even single-breasted style cannot be worn forever.

Other Things to be consider for 1 or 3 Button Suit:

Styles and designs are also important for men's 1 or 3 button such as whether you want to keep side vent, center vent, no vent, pleating of trouser like one pleat, one pleat, three or more pleat, flat pleat, and plain front pleat. Therefore pick the one which you like and love to wear with style and comfort.

Generally there is no major difference between one button and three buttons suits. It is believed that 1 button is popular among gentleman while younger man prefers three button outfits.