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Men's line color windowpane suits


Patterns are fun!

Herringbones, Houndstooth, glen checks, pinstripes are some of the most stylish patterns, but the elegance of windowpane suits can't be denied. Simple and straightforward, it goes a long way in carrying your style and transforms your look without tarnishing the classiness. The key highlights mentioned in this article will help you dress up in windowpane perfectly.

Double Breasted Charcoal Color Suit Mens Gray Wool Suit Two Button Black Pattern Suit

Men's line color windowpane suit is what you want if you wanted to create a perfect flamboyant look. There is no disagreement about the showy look but at the same time, it has an element of subtlety which can't be deprived of. All that it needs is greater confidence, for the reason that, as you walk down the street you will be creating a great center of attraction, mainly if you are pairing it right.

There are several sides to a windowpane suits, whether you call it as old-school styling or on trend, there are more practical reasons for wearing it. Windowpanes are patterns that can be worn by both slim and larger men. If truth be told, it will beef up the guy who looks thin and, in contradiction, have a slimming effect on the larger man.

Why should you consider wearing it?

There are several reasons why you should have a windowpane suit in your closet, but listed below are some of them that will change your mind.

  • Versatility
  • Heads turning
  • Exudes your confidence
Two Buttons Twilight Blue Suit Single Breasted Cream Color Suit Mens Two Buttons Grey Suit

How to wear it?

In general, the word pattern strikes a kind of alarm into the hearts of many men; this is because not all men know how to carry themselves wearing a patterned dress. But fashionistas suggest that you shouldn't overlook it because of the masculine look it can give on any men. Are you pattern panic? Don't fret! These guidelines will help you wear them with confidence.

You will have to be equipped with certain style secrets in order to look your best. For example, if you are considering larger checks then you should mix it up with other check patterns, on the other hand, you can also pair it up with a small gingham pattern in your shirt, or small checks in your pocket square.

DO's and DON'T's

When talking about the dos and don'ts of a windowpane suit, the occasion is what considered above all other factors. It is highly recommended that you avoid wearing such patterns to job interview and funeral while considering it for office and weddings. You might be surprised to read this and wonder why can't it be worn during interviews but can use for office purpose, the point is that wearing one to interviews means you are risking to show up your interviewer and for that reason, it is not recommended for interviews.

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