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Men's heavy overcoats - Excellent apparel for an effortless style

There are several men's wear collections lined up to rock for the forthcoming fall/winter 2016 but the one that really stands out from the crowd are the heavy overcoats. With these, any modern man could make a fantastic addition to his well organized wardrobe. There is an ocean of fashion options available to escape from the roaring blizzards or frosting weather, this heavy duty attire crafted from wool outshines all other choices. Usually longer outer wear are impractical or least considered due to its heaviness and longer silhouette, but the ethnic construction and impeccable style make this heavy overcoat user friendly.

Mind blowing features:

Usually any attire that differs from standard length requires ample care during construction and these staples are designed keeping that in mind. Long sleeves, wide chest, adjustable back and plain cut make this worthy ensemble sensational.

Khaki Double Breasted Heavy Overcoat Brown Belted Wool Overcoat Gray Belted Wool Overcoat

Rich heritage:

Advent of stylish overcoats took place in the year 1772. At that time, it was used only by soldiers as safety element. In 19th century, after getting re-appropriated, it revolutionized the fashion industry and turn to be one of the favorite wardrobe staples. Now, this oversized garment is ruling the fashion world and several designers including renowned Italian designer Giorgio Armani are involved in renewing these heavy overcoats for making it more comfortable.

Soulful fabric:

It is the fabric that gives life to any attire and this applies to this masculine outfit also. Generally merino or cashmere wool is used in construction. With the touch of wool, these apparels kick off the chill weather and provide an enough and lasting warmth to the wearer.

What to pair?

Flattering fit and streamlined cut makes it easy to blend with any casual or formal attire. Teaming it up with roll neck jumper or v neck knit renders fiery pop for your casual look. Complementing it with casual jeans will make decent attire for your weekend. If you want to make it formal, then throw it with suit jacket. Whichever style you choose, this enviable outfit complements your personal style and makes you look dapper.

Authentic details:

These trend setting overcoats are available in two styles

  • Single breasted style

  • Double breasted style

Apart from masterful cut and genuine tailoring, there are some other features such as raglan shoulders, contrasting velvet collar, elbow patches and applique details that make the model a sought after one.

Stick to bespoke:

Many of us would approach tailors only for stitching, but with spending some quality amount for altering will make your readymade overcoat look as if it is made for you. The relaxed feel you get with any comfortable attire that pose perfect fit is pretty much priceless, so it's wise to go with bespoke option.

The best for all seasons:

Every one of us thinks that heavy overcoats are a mere winter wear, but these fashion forward wardrobe collections are proving us that they are much more than that. The way it looks while layering inside with casual gingham shirt and acid wash jeans brings to spot light that this look book inspired outfit is suitable for all seasons.