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Men's 2 piece walking suits


2 piece walking suits are usually associated with relaxation. They are sophisticated yet casual style suits which represent a sense of current fashion. They render you flamboyant and elegant and they are urban style fancy suits. They come in various colors, fabrics and trends and offers comfort. 2 piece walking suits date back to the 1920s. This was the time when the wealthy, upper and middle classes started allotting different styles of clothes for varied times of the day. Walking suits were afternoon clothes. They were meant for fun. When the noblemen walked the roads with his wife and family, he was seen to attire a casual walking suit along with a tie and a hat. Oh! What a sight it would have been, the handsome nobleman with his beautiful wife and cute children.

Present day 2 piece walking suits

Of course, today it is difficult to have an outfit just for a single purpose. Most outfits are multipurpose but a pair of casual trousers and jackets or shirts can still be coined as a walking suit as it suggests cool and informal. There are many ecommerce websites which sell modern day 2 piece walking suits. They keep coming up with new trends in walking suits to beat the tough competition that has cropped up recently. Apparel is no longer the women's thing and men are also becoming fashion conscious and like to experiment with new styles. They are no more interested in wearing the same and monotonous styles in any suit. So, all stores come up with colorful and diverse patterns in walking suits for men. If you want walking suits for an enjoyable and easy ramble to the park in the summer, then you can choose short sleeve suits. Modern day textile giants come up with wide ranging styles for these. They keep you cool and lend comfort to the body in the summer. Only Cotton or a blend of cotton and linen are the most preferred fabrics for these short sleeved walking suits. They present the wearer in a graceful and fashionable light. You can wear these suits for an informal night party also. Suits come in various colors and textile materials to show off versatility.

Classic walking suits

Although, modern day designers come up with mixed styles of 2 piece walking suits, nothing can beat the quintessential type suits. If you are looking for a costume like suit, then you can get a frock suit, shirt, waistcoat and trousers. You can top this up with vintage accessories like walking suits and sturdy lace up dress shoes. These are very old fashioned ones belonging to the Victorian era. If you want actual classic 2 piece walking suits i.e. leisure or fun suits, then you have to find models from 1920s to the 1940s. They come along with fun accessories and are quality ones giving you a gentlemen's yet entertaining touch.


Mensitaly has varied collections of 2 piece walking suits. They come in many colors of copper, china blue, black, cream and coco chocolate brown. Pieces from this multiple collection will help you to add a shade of versatility to your outfit. Suits are tailored with high end sewing techniques. There are combos which feature pant sets also. All the 2 piece walking suits offer a comfortable fit and style. Thus choose Mensitaly for purchasing top quality and high class men's 2 piece walking suits.