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Green Shoes for Men: A Style in Its Own Way

More than style, shoes are a necessity for all. The main aim of shoes is to protect the feet from the dust particles outside. There are quality raw materials with which foot wears are made and all of them are different in their own ways. Shoes are made out of finest quality leather of different animals among which the crocodile shoes are quite expensive, foam, rubber and more. Available in different sizes, shapes and colors, there are different collections for matching up different moods of the customers. Nowadays, fashion is advancing to an all new level and with that the thought process of everyone is also changing drastically. People love to experiment with their style and designers are providing great styling statements to all. Now you will see people, wearing sneakers which are of bright vibrant colors like yellow, orange and green for men and women both. green shoes for men and women both.

Shoes are of different shapes and sizes and the design also varies to a great extent for both men and women. Ladies prefer to wear high heels which will make them look smart and stylish. On the other hand, men love to wear shoes which are more casual or formal. For office goers, formal shoes are the best option available near hand. If you are planning to spend some time with your friends then you can definitely opt for the casual sneakers which are high in style and attitude. Below mentioned are some specific models for men and women:

Green Shoes


  • Monk straps: These comprise of straps other than lacing and are highly famous among the masses.

  • Slip ons: Just like the monk straps, these also have no lacings or other fastening systems. There are elastic sides which help to form the grip.

  • Oxfords: These are also known as Balmorals and have V shaped cuts which are joined by laces.

  • Derby: The laces are present on the top of the shoes that join two pieces of leather together. The design is quite similar to the sneakers.

  • Cap toes: It comprises of an additional layer which is made out of leather. It is a decorative style.

  • Brogues: These models are nicely decorated with leather and the toe is covered with a panel which is perforated and can be found in both blucher and balmoral style.


  • Court shoes: In United States, these are known as pumps which are also known as slip on dress shoes.

  • Slingbacks: This comprises of strap just behind the heel to support the foot.

  • Ballet flats: It comprises of very low heels and a short vamp. It is also known as Ballet pumps, skimmers or also as ballerinas in U.S.

There are some other collections as well which are of great colors like green shoes for men and these are unique in style and design. You will get these at cost effective ranges through online stores.