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How To Wear A Black Velvet Blazer Men?

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Whether you want to look trendy and ultra-modern by wearing blazers or not, you have to learn the apt way of dressing in blazers. In earlier times, people only used to wear blazers as uniforms mostly while attending schools, colleges or government jobs. However, in modern times, with immense advancement in the field of fashion industry, designers and brands have come up with a huge revolution in presenting blazers in a transformed get-up. Nowadays, blazers are one of the essential items in any man's closet. If you still do not have couple of blazers in your wardrobe collection, go through the quick guide that explains why and how to wear a black velvet blazer men .You must know that different types of style, color, length, cut and material is available while you are searching for blazers. You can consider making a collection of couple of different blazers with different style, color and material.

Shopper's Guide

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Well, you can surely assume that people wear blazer mostly during fall-winter seasons to keep themselves warm. Blazers do not only give you warmth, it also provide a decent and elegant look and therefore you can wear it anywhere to serve your personal, professional or social purposes. In earlier times, people used to wear blazer upon winter garment like sweater only in cold months. Nowadays, with interesting experimentation with the material of blazers, people can even wear it throughout the year. However, knowing the features of blazers is necessary to find out the one that suits you best along with serving your individual purpose.

Material – since inception, blazers made of corduroy or woolen based fabric is common. In modern times, you can even get the option of cotton and velvet made blazers that you can wear both in day and night occasion depending upon the seasonal changes.

Accessories - if you want to show off the perfect blazer look, you have to accessorize your entire outfit with proper accessories like wristwatches, footwear, scarves and hat if necessary.

Co-Clothing Item – you have to choose the co-clothing item with blazers keeping the nature and purpose of occasion in mind. The universal and versatile nature of blazer allow the wearer to team up with anything and everything from chinos, trousers, jeans to shirts, sweaters, t-shirts and more. However, you have to remember that if your blazer is printed, striped or checked, you have to select the other clothing items more wisely to avoid over the top look.

Colors and Styles – you can get as many color and style option as possible in the market to suit your persona.

Sometimes, you can even switch your suit or tuxedo jacket with blazer to get a completely different look.

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