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History of Men's Exotic Shoes

Exotic shoes Exotic shoes are footwear used for protection of human foot, which is either made of leather or some durable material. These shoes have been around for a very long time.

In prehistoric times, the necessity to cover the foot from hard and rough terrain and from harsh climatic conditions resulted in invention of this footwear. In warm area, large leaves or grass were used by tying them around and below the foot with vines. The hides and skins of animals contributed the most in the making of these shoes and it was warmly welcomed in cold countries.

In modern times, besides protecting the feet, these shoes are worn more for comfort and as fashion statement. It has become important part of our outfit. It can help us know about the personality, social and economical condition of the person who has worn them.

People have started wearing different types of Exotic shoes such as Lace-up, Cap toes, Loafer, Slip on, Exotic Shoes, Casual Boots, Wingtips, Tasseled Loafer and Athletic shoes.


The evolution of these shoes came into being in the prehistoric time as old as 15,000 years. These oldest type of Exotic shoes is called Moccasin. In warm countries like Egypt, Greece and Rome, sandals woven from plant materials were worn.

In middle ages they were soft, richly decorated with materials like velvet and gold. Populaine made out of wooden clogs were used. They were used to protect these shoes from mud or water. The more modern form of populaine is the heeled shoe.

In renaissance period, they were without heels, slashed with puffs of fabric pulled through the cuts. Leather was the most common material used to make them. These shoes had laces or buckle straps to tie them around the feet.

Exotic shoes

The appearance of duck-billed footwear, widely used during Charles VII' reign, was lost during the Elizabeth's reign. During the reign of Queen Elizabeth, high heels were used once again. They were decorated with rosettes, lace and beautifully embroidered.

During 17th century, they were available with high tongue, buckles, and square toe became popular. Straps were used to fasten the shoes. In 18th century, the thick heels begin to thin down. Towards the late 18th century and early 19th century they became narrow oval toes. The popular styles in 19th century were Blucher boot, button boot, cloth boots, and Balmoral boots.

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They are sold at upscale retail stores, country clubs and golf resorts. The shoes are exclusively handcrafted in the Tuscany region of Italy. The high quality and skilled artistry of their shoes has resulted in the large and faithful customer base, which this relatively small company has built in the past ten years.

Many styles are made with a variety of premium materials, including crocodile, ostrich and lizard, as well as Italian calf skin. The line includes a wide range of styles in both slip on and lace up varieties. This selection includes something for both formal occasions as well as more casual wear.

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