Double Breasted Suits

Double Breasted Suits

Double Breasted Suit For a person who suits up often, most probably for work, it is important to find clothing that are unique but appropriate. Of course you can survive on the navy suits and grey suits for the work week but if you are a person who takes fashion seriously then you might already know that these are boring styles that almost everyone chooses. If you are one among the people who are looking for a break from these usual styles and want to try something different then double breasted suits are the best choice. Most of us stay happy with the single breasted suit styles since they are the most common but the double breasted suits give you an unique and decadent look that you will not forget. Read this article further to know more about the mens double breasted suits and its styling.

We have been used to the single breasted suit styles and we obviously would want to stick with the comfort zone. But mens double breasted suits are the best choice to step away from the comfort zone without disturbing your dynamics of fashion. The double breasted suits are a versatile style that could work for the formal and the casual occasions given that you style it right. You can also go with it when you want to make a style statement but want to do it subtly. For example, if you are attending a formal event but want to stand out with your fashion then double breasted suit outfit is the best choice.

Double Breasted Suit To start with the styling of the double breasted suit mens, one question that most people tend to ask is “Where to style the double breasted suits?” The double breasted suits are indeed different from the single breasted suits in both look and the vibe that they offer. The double breasted prom suits tend to offer a much more refined and sophisticated look when compared to the single breasted styles. But they aren’t too much different and you can style the double breasted suits to almost all events where you wear the single breasted styles.

For people who are starting out with the style for the first time, you might want to ease into the style slowly. In that case, here are some suggestions on the events for which the fitted double breasted suits would look right in home. Once you get used to the style and confident in wearing it, you can style it for any occasion.

Double Breasted Suit You could start with the events where you have the need to dress up. For example, it might be a business dinner or a family wedding. Though your business suit would be quite appropriate to wear for the event, you will need another style that could match the importance of the event. The double breasted suit style would do just great for these types of the events. They elevate the look of your outfit without making you look like to tried too much. The flair of your outfit is maximized with the double breasted style and thus would be perfect for the special occasions.

As for the events where it would be best to avoid the double breasted suits, there aren’t many. You should be just fine if you avoid the most casual occasions and the occasions where you shouldn’t be the one receiving the spotlight. For example, if you are attending an interview then the wool double breasted suit might be a stretch and same for the casual gatherings with your friends. The double breasted suit style has an air of importance to it that should be rightly utilized.

Double Breasted Suit Now styling the double breasted suit is not too different from the single breasted suit styles. Our recommendation would be to keep the combining garments simple since the double breasted suit will serve just great as the main style of your outfit. Other than the full suit style, you can also try the double breasted suit jacket first and style it as separates. One advantage with the separates is that you will have more choices when it comes to the selection of the combining garments. Here are some of the best double breasted jacket suit looks that we have come across. We hope that it can help you with creating the confidence to try the look for yourself.

To start with a standard and formal look that can work for just anybody, you can style the navy slim fit double breasted suit with a white dress shirt and a red striped tie. A pair of black leather oxford shoes would be a perfect way to round the look. The dark colored styles like the black double breasted suits and grey double breasted suits are easier to style when compared to the light colored ones.

Double Breasted Suit If you want to take the formalness of your outfit a notch higher then we would suggest you to try out the 3 piece double breasted suits. A black double breasted blazer paired with a grey dress shirt, black vest, black tie and a pair of navy plaid dress pants is a cool style to try out. It would be great if you style double breasted suit vest with the single breasted suits and vice versa since it provides a balanced look.

If you are dressing for a wedding and you are the guest, keep the outfit simple. A navy double breasted suit dress paired with a white striped dress shirt and navy striped tie is a stylish look to choose. Adding a pair of dark brown leather shoes would complement the outfit greatly. If it is a summer wedding then you can add a little more color to your outfit. For example, you can style the navy double breasted linen suit Jacket with a white dress shirt, navy striped tie and a pair of beige dress pants. Other than this, we also suggest you to try our the Pinstripe double breasted suit style since it is one of the most popular styles.