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The Classic Nehru Suit Collections For Men

No one can deny the fact that the fashion of today is the derivation or update from the past. Right from apparel to modern technology everything has bloomed from the invention of past. Suits, tuxedos, formal wear, casual wear and lot more modern collections have hit the fashion industry which is purely the updated feature of the earlier style design, pattern, cut and fabric. The Nehru suit which is popular among adults is one such trendy earlier collection with slightly added modern embellishments perfect for modern men. One has to surely check out this collection as the suit been sewn with attractive features.

Khaki Mens Nehru Suit White Nehru Suit Nehru Collar Suit

The Nehru suit is quite famous in Southeast Asia than the western countries. The suit has a distinguished feature that makes it different from rest of the collections. The mandarin collar makes the outfit tend to be special with unique fashion details. The type of collar is generally thin that button at the nape of the neck. Stand-up type with 2 to 5 cm long and does not feature a lapel. The model is considered as a formal one. The presence of decorative button adds even more embellishment to the attire.


The Nehru suit resembles most close to regular suits other than its mandarin collar. It comes with single or double vents with fastened collar. The suit is never out of style and possesses a sleek and modern look. Its well tailored and impeccable fit provides even more chick look to the wearer. The modern Nehru suit comes with 2, 4 or 10 button designs with a range of different shades. The suit complements the men physique with banded collar and elongated breasted style. The pant features similar to western style with one pleat, two pleats or without pleats. The pockets are of side or slant.

The length of the jacket is typically ¾ which has to be paired with a collarless shirt. Some men wear the jacket with turndown collar shirt which is highly unsuitable as it gives a stuffed appearance around the closed neck of the jacket. The suits are available in different sizes as matching the size of trousers. The available trouser waist sizes are: 28"; 30"; 31"; 32"; 34"; 35"; 36"; 38"; 40"; 42"; 44"; 46"; 48"; 50"; 52".

Mens Collarless Nehru Suit Mens Red Nehru Suit Mens Black Nehru Suit

Fabric Used:

The fabric that are been used for manufacturing of Nehru suits are linen, wool, polyester, cotton and other blended fabric. Each fabric has its own characteristics where the polyester might look stiff but will absorb heat readily and gets easily wrinkled. The cotton and linen are the fine fabric that gives a cool and relaxed feel especially in summer season. The folding found on the material makes it back drop for the suit. So, the right choice of fabric that you need to choose for superior quality suit is the wool. The suit made from merino wool or cashmere is considered as the better quality one.

One can find this suit in 100% linen, 100% lightweight wool, 35% Merino wool and 65% polyester blended fabric.

Latest Collections

Some of the latest arrivals of Nehru suits are: Mens Designer Black Two Piece Nehru Grandad Mandarin Beetle Collar Wedding Suit, men’s navy herringbone Nehru collar prince Edward suit, Designer Mid Grey Two Piece Nehru Mandarin Collar Suit, Nehru Grandad Tuxedo Suit Ivory Black Embroidery Wedding Slim Fit, Black 5 Button Traditional Nehru Suit and Gold brocade Nehru grandad collar wedding dress suit jacket coat.


Some of the top brands that offer quality Nehru suits are: Vittorio St Angelo, Canto, Sacari, Skookie, Even, Mr Button, The Design Factory, Van Heusen, Fahd Khatriand and Vinci.

Nehru suits are the branded traditional yet trendy formal wear for men who look to flaunt style different from other common men. The attire goes perfect for all kinds of formal occasions. Different color ranges are available where the plain white jacket is considered as the most formal and traditional one. To pick the best quality stylish Nehru suits, log on to mensitaly.com. We house extensive collections of trendy suits for modern men.