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All about Men's Burgundy Blazer


Burgundy suits are simply compatible with earth tones from white to tan colors. The work culture has been getting more informal over the last few years. In some places, men's blazers and ties are yet obligatory, while in others, tee shirts and jeans are the norm. Hence, days having this clothing have become a necessity. On the other hand, they are quite common and worn by men or women and normally are available in subdued colors.

It gives an archetypal look and it is a must in men's wardrobe. Be it any normal pants or a jean this color goes with it. Versatility matters a lot when selecting a new blazer for upcoming season. It is always believed that investing in them is worth for couple of years together. When worn, you appear to be a flip and style conscious men. It could be worn day to evening and works with different looks.

Burgundy blazer

Color Combination with Burgundy Blazer:

If you have just purchased this dashing blazer of this color and wondering what color would go with it, then it is the least thing to worry about having an exact match. Pair up your corduroy or moleskin pants with this stunning attire. Getting a matching shirt and pants is just not enough; it's about getting perfect shoes as well. For example, if you go with khakis with brown shoes and belt, any light color shirt with this clothing would go much decent. Likewise you can try out many other combinations as well, but remember to wear well-matched accessories.

The men in this attires resembles uniformity at various places and are always considered to be the watch points for the solidarity, the integrity of the place and the seriousness of the work they are involved in. Suits and blazers are always seen as a formal or semi formal dress code which shows the prestige of the organization or the institution. Blazers for men mean more of a sports jacket or a school/ college's uniform. In other words, mainly they comprise of sports jackets or school uniforms. But they are also well known as dinner jackets.

Burgundy Blazers:

Burgundy Blazer is a main part of the male wardrobe. Armed with a good looking blazer, a pair of slacks in a coordinating color, a dress shirt and tie, and you can go just about anywhere. The burgundy blazers or burgundy sport coats for men can be very well available with us in MensItaly. We offer sport coats, sport jacket and blazer jacket in this color and style.