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The Fashion Of Men's Slim Fit Tuxedo


As the world is deviating from traditional way of lifestyle to modern ways so the men's fashion. The consciousness of every man to keep his body fir has emerged. For ages suits are the way to dress a man. It makes a man look confident, sharper and yet stylish. It is not only meant for office work but also for parties, functions and ceremonies etc. Traditionally men were less concerned about the shape of the body and contemporary suits were made just to fit the men and look good. Now men are indulging in exercises to keep one fit and healthy. The result is the change in the style of outfits and the top designers to come up with new ideas have started the slim cuts. As men are slimmer these days and the fits of any type of outfit is the prime concern to show one's body shape the slim cuts are more in demand than any other cuts. Though the slim fit tuxedo were in fashion in early sixties such as Skinny Shark with skinny fabric that mimics a shark but lost its popularity after that and gained again as slim fitted suits. The slim fit cuts are much narrower and more modern as compared to traditional suits.

slim fit tuxedo

Tips on Choosing Mens Slim Fit Tux

Men with muscular frame, pronounced legs or wide waist slim suit are not the best choice. The men with slight or lean frame tend to benefit more from slim fit tuxedo and this also goes well with men of moderate build provided they have the right size. The expert designers also create suit which are gives a slimming effect on the body. This type of suit may look stylish on many men only if they are comfortable with the close fit and sleek look. So there are some tips of choosing this suit.

Men choosing this suit should be able to stretch and bend easily. That means one should have free movement of arms. The mens suit should not look tight but fitted. If not so then suit is not perfect for them. These suits are not out of shape as they do not have extra material to hide any body flaws.

Again in pants pleated or not pleated is a problem for men. The pleated ones look good with men of larger bellies but not suitable for slim men.

The fabrics for slim fit tuxedo are wool but gabardine or mid-weight cord is also a good choice. The fabrics play an important role as it helps the suit to springs back to its original shape without wrinkling after the suit is squeezed. The good variety of slim fit tuxedo are available that creates a sleek silhouette and looks fabulous.

The suits are two pieces and also three pieces. The favourite colours available are gray, navy blue or black. Now the trend of three piece suit has increased because of the vest that fits well in slim cuts. Wearing the vest without the jacket is also a fashion.

There are plenty of stores that are having slim fit tuxedo with sleek and excellent look. They can also be customized by providing measurements. This suit is becoming very popular so almost all the shops are keeping this suit. The fashion houses have also begun to focus their marketing strategies on slim cut suits. While buying slim suit from various choices it is to be remembered to have a right balance between classic and modern style. These days these suits are worn in office functions, church gathering and other formal occasions.