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How to Choose the Best Wool Overcoat for Men

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It is common knowledge that a wool overcoat is usually worn with suits and occasionally also with casual garments. The basic purpose of wool overcoats is to keep the wearer warm and hence wool overcoats are long and heavy and worn during winter months.Wool overcoats are very expensive and hence utmost care has to be exercised when buying them - so that they are of the right quality and last long. Here are few valuable tips for those intending to buy wool overcoats:

Mens Khaki Overcoat
Tips for Buying a Wool Overcoat

•  Make sure the wool overcoat is free from hanging threads, loose buttons and exposed linings.

•  The ideal fabric for overcoats is wool – but good quality overcoats are also come in cashmere or special synthetic fabrics.

•  Select the coat that is long-lasting as wool overcoats are expensive and cannot be bought too frequently.

•  The fit and shape of the wool overcoat is of paramount importance. Go in for the one that perfectly fits your physical shape. Any oversized or tight-fitting overcoat will make you look clumsy.

•  There should be adequate number of pockets both inside the overcoat and outside. Men's overcoat requires this special feature both for style and convenience. It is also perfectly in order to have zips at the waist, chest or hip level.

•  Choose preferably dark colors so that they can be worn for long periods without frequent laundering. Lighter colors show dirt easily.

•  If you choose to buy your wool overcoat online, be careful to communicate the exact chest and shoulder measurements.

•  Needless to say you should choose with care the accessories that match the color and design on your wool overcoat.

•  Comfort is critically important when you choose an overcoat. Your overcoat should not hamper your physical movements. Choose a short overcoat if you drive or travel in a car.

•  Opt for a double breasted overcoat unless you are overly fashion conscious. Double breasted overcoat come with belts that match your coat.

•  An experienced tailor can help you select the right overcoat that will best suit you. If you can afford it, have your overcoat stitched to your taste instead of buying a ready-made overcoat.

•  Be watchful and scrupulously avoid buying coats with trendy designs because once they go out of fashion, you will be forced to discard it and with that a lot of money. Instead, select a classic style as it remains in fashion almost eternally.

Single Breasted and Double Breasted Overcoat

The two basic types of overcoat are single-breasted overcoat and double-breasted overcoat. Single-breasted overcoat usually comes with three to four buttons – though it is not necessary to button them up.

Double-breasted overcoat undoubtedly look more stylish and adds to your appearance. Overcoat can be worn with or without belt, depending on your preference. But belts are best avoided if you are obese.

Wool overcoats are definitely expensive, but since it is a rare and, in most cases, an only one-time purchase, feel free to spend more instead of being too cost-conscious.

Spend enough time shopping for the ideal one as any hasty purchase can lead to waste of money. Select outlets that offer attractive discounts but do not fail to check the quality of the item before paying.