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Contacting a tuxedo rental to dress up for the occasion

A tuxedo rental service is of great help in getting the tuxedo when you need it most. For example, if you are preparing for your first black tie event, the prom, you will need the tuxedo. However, since you do not want to spend that much money in buying a full-fledged tuxedo suit, you can definitely rent it out from the rental warehouse. The rental is of great assistance in finding just the right tuxedo that would suit your personality. However, before you set out to purchase a tuxedo from the rental, you should definitely have a fundamental idea about different varieties of tuxedos.

double breasted tuxedo

Based on the lapel-collar alignment, the tuxedos are usually classified into three distinct categories, the notch, the peak and the shawl styles. Contemporary fashion trends dictate that the tuxedo notch style is the most popular. Nevertheless, you can still experiment with the peak and the shawl varieties as these are traditional styles that have never fully gone out of fashion. Tradition always retains, and if you are of the traditional kind, you can definitely take your pick from the peak and the shawl varieties. But before you make any choice regarding the lapel-collar alignment of your favorite tuxedo, you should definitely know the subtle differences between the different alignments. The shawl lapel follows a flow and is mildly rounded in its outline. The notch lapel is the one where the lapel makes a notch with the collar. The peak lapel, on the other hand is the one where the lapel end points upwards making an angle with the collar. Therefore, you would have to check out the right lapel collar alignment that suits you from the tuxedo rental after checking out the various styles mentioned above.

From the tuxedo rental, you would also have to choose the single breasted or the double breasted tuxedo. The single breasted one is the type where the front ends of the jackets do not overlap. Traditionally one buttoned, occasionally two buttoned and rarely three button jackets, these can be worn without the buttons undone. If you are bent on buttoning the jacket, then too you should remember that (if there?s more than one button) you should keep the bottom button left open. Wearing a double breasted jacket would necessarily require you to keep the buttons closed. The double breasted jacket is the one where the front ends of the jackets overlap. From the tuxedo rental you can either choose your single breasted or the double breasted jacket.

double breasted tuxedo Gray  double breasted tuxedo White double breasted tuxedo

While choosing the tuxedo, you may also be concerned with the color. The unanimous color choice of tuxedos is black and not any other color, though midnight blue is also an accepted color. White tuxedos are preferred by some men, but it is actually not much of a grown up tuxedo style. It is alright to wear white tuxedos in weddings, but for formal events like the prom, you should definitely choose the black or the midnight blue in tuxedos. You would also have to check out the fitting of the tuxedo and the fabric of the tuxedo before you choose a suitable one.