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Mardi gras tuxedos: having fun in formal wear

Formal wear and fun are not easily connected. However, on the special occasion of Mardi gras, you feel free to experiment with various styles. You wear colorful tuxedos and colorful vests to usher in the spirit of Mardi gras. This connection of fun and formal wear is a unique benefit of wearing Mardi gras tuxedos.

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Mardi gras tuxedos. Mardi Gras tuxedos are of the usual kind of tuxedos, because tuxedos are generally available only in black and white. However, various kinds of colorful and attractive tuxedo accessories are to be found for mix-and-match wear with your formal wear tuxedo. The accessories include patterned and colorful vests, cufflinks, studs, cummerbunds and neckties. The religious symbolism of the occasion of Mardi gras is to celebrate the last night of revelry before entering the ritual fasting of forty days called the Lent, beginning on the day of the Ash Wednesday. Since this day evokes mixed feelings of revelry and religious importance in our lives, therefore the seriousness of the tuxedos is combined with the fun element of wearing colorful vests and other tuxedo accessories. Apart from the usual accessories, different kinds of masks are also worn to celebrate the Mardi gras event. The combination of mask and tuxedo creates a seriocomic effect replete with mysterious religious symbolisms that altogether can be identified as the spirit of Mardi gras.

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Buying Mardi gras tuxedos is no different from purchasing other kinds of tuxedos. You would have to be picky about tuxedos as these have many detail elements involved in their purchase. First of all, you would have to make some fundamental choices. For example, you would have to decide foremost whether you would like to wear a single breasted tuxedo or a double breasted one. You have to decide between the semi formal classic tuxedo and the super formal tailed tuxedo. You have to decide whether you would like to wear a two piece tuxedo or a three piece tuxedo. These are all essential elements of choice that you would be making regarding the tuxedos. As it must have been already obvious to you, you must be able to invest sufficient time in researching which tuxedos are best for you. To assist in your research, presented here is a brief summary on the different lapel styles on tuxedos.

Mardi gras tuxedos have three distinct kinds of lapels, the shawl, the peak and the notch. The shawl is a continuous lapel with the collar making no angle whatsoever with the collar and having a certain flow. The notch and the peak lapels on the other hand make sharp angles with the collars. The notch one creates a notch with the collar as its name suggests. The size of the notch and the lapel width may vary from one tuxedo to another, so you would have to make a choice there as well about the thickness of the lapel that you would want. The peak lapel on the other hand makes a sharp upward angle with the collar. The length of the lapel may also vary with the peak lapel. Among the three kinds of lapels, the notch lapel is the traditional one and the peak lapel is the most formal one.