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Hats Off to Derby Hats!

Fashionable & elegant Derby hats are one important part of western formal & evening attire. Both men & women prefer wearing these hats to highlight their look & style. These hats are very old in the field of entertainment. The right choice can surely bring the best out of you.

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Hats are an important part of western clothing. A look is not perfect without a hat. There are different types of hats for every occasion. One very popular type of hats is Derby hats are also known as Bowler hat in the UK. It is a round, more precisely, a dome-shaped hat with a hard & small edge. It is generally made of sheep?s wool or fur & is black in color, but you find many other colors.

The hat was invented by Edward Coke, a British soldier, in the year of 1849. The basic purpose was to design a hat for the horse-riders. British firm London hat makers Lock & Co had been appointed to fulfill the order & the first Bowler hat was produced. It gradually became very popular especially towards the end of 19th century among the masses. Everyone stated liking these Derby hats irrespective of social difference. These hats were quite affordable & looked classy. These hats are known as bombĂ­n in Spanish & had entered Bolivia by British workers and became widely accepted.

These hats play a significant role in art & culture, especially in cinemas & theaters. How can we forget Laurel and Hardy or the iconic Charlie Chaplin wearing classic black derby hats? These hats are also popular among ladies.

One very popular kind of Derby hats is the Kentucky derby hat. They are more than 100 years old & are generally worn by women in parades. There is a belief that wearing these hats will bring good luck in derby, i.e., horse racing. They use many decorative items to accessorize them like- flowers or ribbons. When you wear a derby hat, be careful about a few things. These easy tips you can maintain your great fashion test.
? The design of these hats is absolutely original. So be sure to carry it off well
? It should get match your dress & accessories
? Always remember to protect your hat from outside weather as this is very delicate

When we dress up in formal western way, we often overlook hats; it can be any kind of hat. A wrong selection can ruin your style & look. But a correct selection of hat can not only enhance your final look but also it can cover a lot of fashion goof ups. If a hat is as gorgeous a Derby, then it is enough for people to notice you. These hats are extremely elite in style & you should add this to you wardrobe now.

Derby hats are available in different attractive colors & shapes. You just need to choose the right one that fits the occasion & time of the day. And you are ready to rock.