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Deciding your right cruise formal wear

Choosing suitable cruise formal wear would require you to pay attention to the finer details of formal clothing because a cruise night is an exclusive formal gathering. One has to dress up properly for the occasion, so that the memory of the night stays forever etched in your memory. Dressing up for the cruise night essentially means dressing up in your tuxedos; therefore it is necessary that you choose the right tuxedo for the occasion. Choosing the right tuxedo involves selecting the right tuxedo as well as selecting the other apparel accessories to dress up. For instance, the waistcoat and the cummerbund are two such apparel accessories that you wear with a tuxedo. However, a necessary suggestion to remember about this is that you never wear a waistcoat and cummerbund together as that makes an exaggerated fashion mistake. Either you wear a three piece tuxedo with the waistcoat, or you wear a two piece tuxedo with a cummerbund.

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For cruise formal wear, you would also have to choose between a single breasted tuxedo and a double breasted tuxedo. A single breasted tuxedo is one where the front ends of the jacket do not overlap and there are usually one or two buttons in the tuxedo. If there is a singular button, you can keep it buttoned or unbuttoned. If there are two buttons, then too, you can keep them buttoned or unbuttoned. If you are planning to button them, which is the usual norm, you should definitely keep the lower button undone as it is the general norm. Nowadays, three or four button tuxedos are also made available to wear, especially for taller men, but that is not the conventional style. The single button one is the conventional tuxedo style.

A cruise formal wear night is a formal occasion but it is a black tie event and not a white tie event. Therefore the question of wearing a tailed tuxedo does not arise for the occasion. Along with the tuxedo, you would also have to choose the right white shirt to wear with the tuxedo. Not just any formal white shirt would do, as there are basically four different categories of white shirts to be worn. The four basic types are the pin whale, pique, winged tip and the mandarin shirts, so you would have to choose from them. The winged tip shirt is the classic tuxedo style shirt, where the collar embraces the neck and the front ends of the collars bend to create two winged tips appearance.

The pique tuxedo shirts are the sole choice to wear in a formal white tie event, with the tailed tuxedos. The pinwhale tuxedo shirts apparently have a flat front, ?apparently? because the fabric itself has many fine ridges. Finally, there are the mandarin shirts that have a band collar, standing straight up and attached by a button in the front. The mandarin shirts do not need a necktie or a bowtie. Therefore, your choice for the cruise formal wear should be between the winged tip and the pin whale shirts.