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Boys Zoot Suit: A Unique Attire

Suits like boys zoot suit is a form of clothing that have been in fashion for a number of times. These suits have become favourite especially among westerners who have worked on changing the design and shape of the suits from time to time.

Suits generally indicate a European form of attire that can be distinguished from other clothes owing to its shape, style, cost and grandeur. A suit like boys zoot suit consists of a coat which is padded at the shoulders and a trouser of same color. Though previously suits were the attire of the aristocrats only, now they have become widely popular among all classes of society.

Boys Zoot Suit Boys Zoot Suit

Suits, now-a-days, have become a fashion statement as well as a status symbol. A man in a suit is often regarded as a possessor of refined qualities and status that distinguish him from others. Based on their quality and brands suits range varies in price, from low to high. This has made possible for fashionable suits such as boys zoot suit to come within the reach of the common people without merely being a symbol of aristocrats.

Fashion is ever changing. With the constant improvement in textile technology new fabrics are being evolved. This innovation is creating new fashion trends every day. In ancient times men and women used to dress almost identically, in the medieval age all men used to dress in one way and all women used to dress in another. This was prevalent even half a century ago. The reason behind all men?s dress being same and all women?s dress being identical is that hardly any new fashion trend came into vogue as interaction among different countries and cultures was often a farfetched idea due to difficulty in transportation and communication.

But with the advent of airplanes, telephones and televisions distant lands were connected together and different cultures were harmonized. The most vivid impact of this social revolution could be seen on the fashion industry. Soon fusions in clothing style became the fashion of the world. The oriental dressing style was offered warm welcome in the west and the occidental attires became immensely favorite in the east.

The fashion world has been revolutionized particularly from the middle of the 20th century. However, this is the time when a unique suit like boys zoot suit became highly popular. These suits with high waists are designed for men and consist of wide lapelled coats with padded shoulders and wide legged trousers with tight cuffs. These suits first gained popularity in the early 40?s and since then it has been in fashion a number of times.

boys zoot suit previously featured a long dangling watch chain but it has now become less popular. People often wear a hat of same color and sometimes decorated with a feather to increase the attraction of the suit. However modern suits have become glossier, more perfectly tailored and more stylish. There are several enterprises and websites that offer these suits on sale. These custom made suits are both fashionable and affordable. Moreover, one can browse through the extensive collection of catalogues to have a help in deciding which one to choose.