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White Collar French Cuff Dress Shirts!

Just as any food is not worth without the salt, the stylish things also never go out of fashion. And this rule applies for dress shirts . This is one kind of mens clothing which has such a great staying power that it will be very wrong to call it just a trend. This is being worn for more than hundred years. The French cuffs have always been a traditional way to dress up which allows men to don jewelry in form of cuff links. As soon as one hears white collar french cuff dress shirts, an image of the founding fathers and old days royalty, which has complicated woven coats and a lot of frilly shirts. As fashion trends have a simpler look, French cuffs dress shirts portray more of flair in mens clothing. Try www.mensitaly.com to get the best of these shirts for yourself.

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The white collar french cuff dress shirts is one of those trends which transcends the age gap or the generation gap. The elegant and classic look it exudes when worn by your grandfather is surely an exception. But when you just give it a slim fit, some vintage cuff links, it becomes the look that even you can flaunt. Wearing a French cuff shirt is completely about the occasion. And always remember that the accessory is just a part of the outfit, so don't bring all focus to it. When dressing in a white collar french cuff dress shirts, your focus should entirely be on that only.

French Cuff Dress Shirt You can wear a white collar french cuff dress shirts for any kind of formal occasion, or for a meeting at the office. When you think of power dressing, it is the white collar french cuff dress shirts that comes in to play. You must go for trim, but not slim cuts in such cases. Colors should be like navy, grey and try to opt out of black as it is too typical. For the shirt, you must stick with solid colors like French blue, a smooth finish or a strong crisp white. You can wear a traditional square French cuff, which are much understated in nature like sterling silver or rose gold. The cuff links should be such that they compliment your dressing, not speak for you. Also make sure that whichever metal you select, the one on the buckle of your belt should match with the one of your cufflink, and also your watch.

For a tux, the shirts should be very formal. That is why the white collar french cuff dress shirts are perfect for such occasions. One must look for a fit that is trim and tucks in well, which preferably has a wing collar. And do not forget the bow tie at all! The cuff link can be of square shape with a forward positioned link hole. If possible try and get heirloom links that will show when you raise a toast and cufflinks would show. And you will be the cynosure of all eyes at any event.