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Looking For Outstanding Alligator Belt?

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Most men have become fashion conscious nowadays and so they wish to use those attires and matching accessories that portray their personality and fashion sense. Powder alligator belt is one among the most popular accessories that is loved by all ages. The crocodile belt too does not stay behind. These exquisite belts that are handcrafted from exotic leather of alligators and crocodiles are simply unique in design and quality. The skins of every animal have their specific features that make them so special. These luxurious alligator belt are available in various sizes, designs and colors in stores like mensitaly. Alligator belt is available in two styles - the classic and the safari. The classic finish belt is shiny and smooth as extra touch-ups are done using natural egg protein and the amount of pressure applied is also varies. The safari style belt is equally glossy and has a unique look as it is treated with oils and wax. These belts are very soft but hardy and you can even dry them out if you get wet in the rains. But slow drying is good and after that a mild conditioner brings back the luster of the alligator belt.

Wear a crocodile belt for ultimate fashion

A crocodile belt has its own uniqueness and style. They are crafted by professionals and so the scaly appearance of the reptile is clearly visible but it is soft to the touch. Styles keep changing but if you own a crocodile belt you will never be out of style. These belts are quite expensive for they made of original crocodile skin and it is really difficult to get these exotic skins. The skins are treated differently to get different looks. You can wear them with your designer attires to flaunt your personality and looks.

Ostrich belts for men are what you must have in your closet

Whenever you think of wearing something special that will enhance your looks, go for the exotic leather accessories like the ostrich belts for men. These skins are specially preserved and worked out to get a perfect look that will make you look outstanding and get noticed even in a large gathering. Ostrich belts are not easily available especially the genuine products. So visit mensitaly for all authentic products of exotic leather.

It is not easy to get ostrich leather. They are farmed in africa mostly for their unique feathers and the leather is obtained by tanning the skin. Ostrich belts for men have a distinct pattern. The bumps or the quill follicles offer an attractive look to all the products made from ostrich leather. Special treatments make ostrich belts for men more exotic and expensive. You can easily spot a person wearing the ostrich belt from a distance.