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Leisure Suits, Fad Or Fashion

Leisure suits were developed during the 1930's and continued to remain in fashion for a long time, especially in America. They are generally described as a shirt like jackets with broad, wide lapels, paired with matching trousers. They were worn with outlandish contrasting t-shirts that made quite a bold fashion statement back then, and continue to do so.

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Fashion or fad

When leisure suits were slowly going out of fashion, then it received a great amount of criticism that made it almost criminal to wear a leisure suit. But when they were at the height of fashion, then it was considered to be the most fashionable apparel out there. They were stylish, loud, cheaper than most other suits out there and comfortable. People started wearing them almost everywhere and they became a rage in America at one point of time. Once people became more fashion conscious and they got tired of the loud colors and broad lapels, then they slowly started becoming rare.

We have a wide range of leisure suits that you can choose from, but not the kind which will make you look like you belong in the 70's. They have a modern edge and are being made with polyester and other fabrics, with modern machinery, so that they border on being casual suits.

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Wearing leisure suits now

Wearing a mens linen leisure suits today can be a challenge. But you are more of the adventurous type, then you can carry it off, no matter what the current trend is. Today they aren't made or worn the traditional way with the broad lapels and the bell-bottom pants. They can come in slim fit varieties and you can make it look stylish if you know how and which one to buy.

Previously they were made in pastel varieties and usually came only in pastels and they were worn with gaudy shirts and pudgy materials. But they are now made in many innovative varieties that come in different colors, and can be worn with normal dress shirts and t-shirts. Also with technology becoming an indispensable part of the fashion industry, they are made of finer material that makes you look much more presentable.