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Elegant French Cuff Mens Dress Shirt

Dress shirts play an important part in giving the complete look of a man. A man looks dignified and smart only when he selects the perfect attire that suits his personality and stature. And complete apparel comprises of not only a well-fitted suit but other accessories as well like the dress shirt, tie, belt, shoes etc.

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You will get a variety of dress shirts at the stores that are designed by the most renowned designers of today. Hence there are endless designs, cuts, fits and distinguishing features in every type of dress shirt. The collars, cuffs, pockets differ in every stylish shirt that you get from the fashion houses. One of the most unique designs is the french cuff men's dress shirt. Its specialty is the cuffs that must be worn with appropriate cuffl inks or silk knots.


If you are planning to buy some of these dress shirts that have French cuffs then you should consider certain points like the length of the sleeves, how to wear it, selection of right kind of cufflinks as well as the size of the shirt. French cuff men's dress shirt must have lengthier sleeves as compared to other full-sleeves dress shirts to achieve the proper look. The folded cuffs that are fastened by silk knots or cufflinks add an extra touch of style and elegance to the French cuff men's dress shirt.

Although this variety of shirts are available in innumerable colors and sizes and has a formal look, they are not appropriate as office wear. This dress shirt with unique French cuffs is the favorite of many and you will see celebrities too wearing it at a gathering in the evenings. It looks trendy and sophisticated when you pair it up with the right kinds of accessories and matching pants and ties.

The versatility of the mens designer dress shirts is more prominent in the different ways that you can wear it. You can pinch the ends of the shirt's cuffs together or you can adopt the barrel-style where the cuffs overlap each other. You will find a variety of such dress shirts at the renowned outlets today and so pick up the ones that fit you well and portray your special style.