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How To Shop For Fine Suits Online

To select a fine suits, it pays to know the basic features of suits

Fine suits come in three styles-Italian, British, and American. The Italian suit is cut slim to flatter men who are slender and flat-bellied. The jackets have padded shoulders, flapless pockets, and higher buttons and lapel notches. The traditional Italian suit had no vents in the jacket, but now they often have two. Pants fit snugly.

The British style is for men of average build, but is cut closer to the body than the american style. Jackets have narrower, padded shoulders, two side vents, flap pockets, and higher arm holes. Pants have a high waist and two or three pleats.

The original american style had one back vent, lightly padded shoulders, and flap pockets. It hung straight, so was less form-fitting and looked baggy. The full-cut pants were not pleated. Modern American-style suits adopt features of the Italian or British styles, but still look boxy. They are for average or heavier than average builds.

In terms of construction, jackets are canvassed or fused. Canvass is fabric between the outer shell and the inner lining that maintains structure and, over time, conforms to the wearer's body. In fused suits, the inner lining is fused to the outer shell of the jacket. Canvassed suits last longer and fit better, but are more expensive.

A compromise is the half-canvassed jacket, with canvassing in the most important locations, the lapel and chest. These suits tend to fall in price between the full-canvassed and fused suits. The final basic feature is fabric. The finest suits tend to be made of wool, while cheaper suits tend to be made of synthetics. Wool is more comfortable because it "breathes" creating warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer. A possible compromise is a wool-synthetic blend.

Mens linen suits-perfect for hot weather

Mens linen suits are an old but excellent choice for casual, hot-weather wear. The casual look comes from the light color, the irregular texture of the yarn, and even the wrinkles. Linen is a light-weight fabric that "breathes" an important feature in hot weather. Since men's linen suits are worn loosely, they often don't need to be tailored. They are perfect for a dressed up casual look at the beach or on vacation, but they also work as business casual attire. Darker colored mens linen suits may also be worn in the fall.

Slim fit suits for a stylish look

Slim fit suits are understood somewhat differently by different designers, but all are inspired by Italian design. The pants usually have a flat front or a single pleat. They are narrower than other styles and taper towards the bottom. The jackets are usually shorter but make the torso look longer by slightly raising the lapel and lowering the button. Slim fit suits are generally best for slender men, but they may also be suitable for men with large chests and relatively slender waists. Both tuxedos and regular suits come in slim styles.

Shopping for mens online suits

Before shopping for mens online suits, equip yourself with the information needed to make a selection. You need to know the styles and to understand which style matches your taste and body type. You need to understand the types of fabrics-wool, synthetic, or blended-and how jackets may be constructed (canvassed or fused). Each choice affects cost, so also consider your budget. You will also need to know your trouser and jacket sizes. It's particularly important to get the jacket measurements correct, since it is hard to alter a jacket's length.

Buying fine suits online can be a challenge, but if you do the research on types and styles of suits, you can shop with confidence. You will be able to find suits of many fabrics, cuts, colors, and price, and select the suit that meets your needs and satisfies your sensibilities.

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Fine suits Mens linen suits Mens Online Suits Slim fit suits