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Excellent Collection Of Pimp Costumes

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Pimp costumes refer to the kind of dressing that is absolutely flashy and draws attention from people from all corners. These costumes are therefore made in very striking colors. So one would find lots of silver, golden, green, purple, pink, red, yellow, burgundy, navy blue, peach and orange group of colors to name a few. These clothes are made in exotic fabrics like satin, silk, cashmere, poly rayon and fur. For pimp clothing style, its best to opt for lively colors but its important to be color coordinated as well. Contrasting with lot of colors does not really justify this style of clothing.

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Another feature that is popular in pimp style of clothing is animal print. Leopard, cheetah, zebra and tiger- all the types are noteworthy. It is not necessary to get the entire costume in this print. You can just have a few elements like side panels, scarf, hat, shoes, cuffs and waistbands in this print along with the monochromatic base color which is equally very appealing. This makes the entire ensemble very attractive. A testimony to this amazing style is this purple pimp costume made of 100% polyester crushed velvet fabric in purple and cheetah print. The hip length purple jacket consists of cheetah print collar, lapel and sleeve cuffs and 2 cheetah print faux pocket flaps.

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The jacket also has foam shoulder pads, wide lapels and three black buttons at the center front to make the attire even more glamorous. The pants in the same purple color has elastic waistband and flared bell bottoms along with triangular cheetah print inset to give it the added appeal.

To complete the costume is a hat made of foam that is covered by crushed velvet fabric in purple along with animal print detailing. In this style, one can have variations like change of base color or change of the animal print. These costumes are befitting for men. But pimp costumes are not restricted to them alone. Similar styles of pimp suits are there for women as well. Generally zoot suits which have flared bell bottoms are more popular for this particular style as it looks more extravagant. Then there are the three quarter pants in animal print along with sleeveless top and waistband. This style too has to be accessorized well with bling jewelry and eye catchy shoes.

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The entire costume can be studded with sequins and such embellishments in metallic colors like silver, golden and bronze. Here again the accessories play a major role in finishing the look. Then there are disco jump mens suits italy in metallic colors like silver and golden or in eye catchy prints in striking hues. The halter neckline with plunging necklines makes this style very sexy indeed. This style gives good opportunity to flaunt your perfect body.

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