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Classic Mens Trench Coat - Reminiscing The Golden Era

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The time period around 40's- 50's is considered to be the golden era of the world for many major events took place during that time. Apart from the point of view of world political and economic events, Old times also remembered as a classic era of men's clothing.

Men's clothing at that period was more practical keeping in mind the various events that a man need to undergo or do during the course of a day. Men's suits were a staple wear for the affluent even in that era and were the symbol of stature and class. Mens trench coat thus hold a place of great importance in mens clothing. In that period, a suit was accompanied by a dress hat according to the occasion and this combination of suit and the dress hat was considered to be a sign of sophistication, class and also a symbol of a gentleman.

Men's suit was divided as single breasted and double breasted suits. Further, single breasted suits vary as two-button and three button coats even in the 1950's. Thus, it can be easily concluded that apart from certain small changes, suits have been able to retain its old world charm.

The rule of 1/4 to 1/2 inch of cuff shows and about 1/2 inch of the top of the collar above the jacket's collar was also prevalent in that era. A suit can be defined as a pair of matching trouser and jacket made up of same cloth piece and is worn together as an outfit along with a matching shirt.

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The only difference that can be seen between the suits of old times and today are that they were of little loose fit as compared to the perfect fitted suits for men of today. Thus we can easily conclude that suits were, are and will always be an integral and important part of a men's wardrobe and the charm and elegance a suit lends, no other outfit can.