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Boys Grey Suit- A Guide For A Smart Look

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Suits are an integral part of a men's wardrobe. Be it a working man, a school going boy or a teenager, suit is popular among all age groups and is a requisite to have in one's wardrobe. A suit adds a charm and elegance to a man's look that it is impossible to avoid it as a clothing wear.

Thus, Boys grey suit is the obvious and first choice for any formal event. And teenagers are no exception to this rule as suits for teenagers are a rave in the prom season. They add the charm to their boyish look and all the while also lend a much needed matured look. Needless to say that women like their men well groomed and in a suit.

A suit has undergone several changes owing to the changing fashion trends and styles but has been able to retain its original charm and elegance. And this is this charm and elegance that makes a suit the suit, the evergreen outfit. There are various styles prevailing in suits regarding its coat and these can be classified as single breasted and double breasted suits. Further, single breasted suits vary as two-button and three button coats.

But the most common, popular and classic style is single breasted two buttons coat. A single breasted coat can be worn to semi-formal events as well as formal events but a double breasted coat is considered to be very conservative and strictly formal in nature. Although with the growing trends towards the more casual approach to the clothing, double breasted coats are losing on its popularity.

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Also, there are certain rules that must be abide by while wearing a suit as they help in enhancing your looks. These rules are 1/4 to 1/2 inch of cuff shows and about 1/2 inch of the top of the collar above the jacket's collar. So suit for teenagers is nothing but a normal suit meant to be worn by the teenagers.