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Belvedere Shoes Are A Treat For Your Feet

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It is a style today to wear exotic leather shoes like the alligator shoes, crocodile shoes, stingray, eel etc for a special and exclusive exotic look. Hence footwear experts are presenting exotic leather shoes especially hand-made to satisfy customer demands. Belvedere shoes tops the list of such exotic skin shoes that are stylish, comfortable and durable too. Endless variety in designs, colors and features of different types of exotic leather makes belvedere shoes one of the most popular brands today. Sophisticated individuals who are conscious about each and every accessory that they wear and celebrities consider these shoes as must-haves in their collection.

Trendy and comfortable alligator shoes for all seasons

It is human nature to want more in everything around them. In the fashion world this aspect is more prominent and although we get a marvelous collection of shoes made from simple leather, the use of exotic leather in making shoes, belts, wallets have become quite common nowadays. Among them, alligator shoes are in great demand. Experts maintain the natural look of the reptiles in such a way that you just cannot resist owning them. The style, finish, fit and comfort that these alligator shoes offer cannot be expressed in words.

Stingray shoes for the sophisticated individuals

Like all other exotic leather shoes, stingray shoes have also created a stir in the fashion world. We do not find such unique and sophisticated look in any other exotic shoes. Moreover, the makers of these stingray shoes are experts and to keep the natural look and feel of stingray leather, they do not use any artificial agents to smoothen the leather. Moreover each pair is handcrafted. that makes them so unique and special. You will never get two pairs of absolutely the same kind at the stores. This specialty makes them all the more popular and at the same time expensive.

Use of leather crocodile to craft designer shoes

Although most shoes and boots are made of cowhide, today exotic leather is also being extensively to craft amazing designer shoes for sophisticated men. Using leather crocodile is also very common nowadays. At the renowned stores like mensitaly you will find an array of exclusively designed shoes made from leather crocodile that have the finish of the reptile skin with scales and original color. You will get other shades too. These crocodile leather shoes are not only trendy in designs but are very comfortable and durable as well. You can try them out this season to flaunt your style.

Shoes snake skin has a different attraction

The endless variety of shoes snake skin that designers offer today is incomparable. The smoothness of the snake skin is so well maintained that you can see the luster and shine in every pair. These shoes snake skin are exotic pairs of shoes are priceless. Every pair is unique and outstanding and the wearer is eyed with envy by all other style conscious men. Owning a pair of shoes crafted from the exotic leather of a snake is the owner's pride. The designs of the snake skin, the stripes and the smoothness make these designer shoes all the more unique and outstanding.