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The Popularity Of Apollo King Suits

Apollo King suits is a line of men's mostly wool and wool blend suits are stylish in a dramatic way. The wide or semi-wide pants and slant style vests with lapels make a strong statement wherever you appear in them. Adding, many Apollo King jackets come with peaked lapels and side vents and in lengths (called "fashion length") slightly longer than regular jackets. Jackets often come with a front besom pocket and flap less patch pockets or with a double-flap side pocket on the right. Adding to their flair, many Apollo King suits have a decidedly retro feel.

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Apollo King suits appeal to those who wish to look like a celebrity at a relatively low price. In the last few years, the combination of flair and price has made Apollo King suits a best-selling brand around the world, with the look and quality of more expensive name brands. Apollo King makes three-piece, business, and executive suits, as well as blazers, double-breasted suits, four-piece coat and suit sets, and Nehru suits.

Slim fit suits-the heritage of italian design

Although slim fit suits are understood somewhat differently by different designers, all are inspired by Italian design. The pants usually have a flat front or a single pleat. They are narrower than other styles and taper towards the bottom. The jackets are usually shorter but make the torso look longer by slightly raising the lapel and lowering the button. Slim fit suits-both regular suits and tuxedos-are generally best for slender men, but they may also be suitable for men with large chests and relatively slender waists.

Why wool suits for men are the smart choice

Wool is the preferred fabric for suits. Because it breathes, wool helps to keep you warm in cold weather, cool in the heat. Wool suits for men wear well, holding their shape and resisting wrinkles. A measure of wool's fineness is the "super number" wool suits are often advertised as being made of "super 150's" wool. Wool with higher numbers are thinner and smoother and, beyond the 180's, more expensive. However, above the 150's, wool is more likely to wrinkle and show signs of age, so higher numbers are not always better.

Buying wholesale italian suits

One of the advantages of living in our digital, online age is that wholesale goods are available to anyone with access to the Web. In earlier days, only those who lived in large urban areas had the opportunity to shop for wholesale italian suits.

Suits made of wool and wool-synthetic blends, like Apollo King suits, come in an amazing number of cuts and styles, but all take advantage of wool's breathability and durability. By shopping carefully online, you can find stylish and fashionable wool suits for men that can be accommodated by your budget.

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