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Culture of Mens Zoot Suits

Zoot suits are nothing but men’s suits with pegged trousers with wide leg and tight cuffs. Those trousers are also called as tramas. Other features are a long coat with broad lapels along with padded wide shoulders. One point that we don’t miss to see in the zoot suiters is the tapa (hats with feathers) and calcos (French shoes that are pointed). It gained popularity in the early 1930s as a cool and casual suit, soon turned to gain much more fame in Los Angeles community. After this it took good place in the world of suits and has an inspiring history behind.

Mens Zoot Suits

They are available in various colors and are famous throughout the world and they require higher precision. They are traditional dinner attires which match the semiformal and informal occasions like parties and celebrations.

(1) Culture of Zoot Suits

They were primarily the fashion of African American youth which was closely connected to jazz culture and were later on adopted by the Mexican American youth which then stayed on there forever till today. They were always a symbol of disobedience which is very obvious from the extreme style that they exhibit.

They were explicably showed the war effect and the faces of discriminations and can provide the best example of the outrageous effect on the suits. Nowadays they are taken into account for the special celebrations like dance parties or birthday celebrations and used in for prom parties.

(2) Origin of Zoot suits

The exact origin of the is still unknown while some argue that it is African-American youth in 1940s, some make it point that it is Mexican American. But it is pretty obvious that the roots were Mexican American, because of the extensive use by their youth in the history. Wartime rules banned these suits for wasting the fabric and so those from Mexican-American origin started wearing these suits as lazybones and ruffians. It is a history that have traveled across the times and established themselves as best entertainers these days and that is the secret of why Zoot suits are liked by every one of today, yesterday and tomorrow.