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About Men's Tuxedos

Tuxedo suits are always considered to be a formal wear. The tuxedo suit has a jacket and trousers, which comes with accessories like a formal shirt, waistcoat, cummerbund, bow tie and leather formal shoes which go really well. There are lots of styles in tuxedos. Unlike the conventional fashion which changes time to time, tuxedo styles seem to have stood the test of time. Is there really any way to improve on perfection?

Most tuxedos come with matching trousers. There are four styles in which it comes – single or double breasted with peaked lapels with a facing in grosgrain on the lapel. There is also the single or double-breasted shawl collar, which comes with either satin or grosgrain on the facing of the lapel.

The tuxedo shirt also comes in a range of styles. The white-winged collar tuxedo shirt is more formal. It comes with stiff pique and single cuffs. The other style is considered to be less formal. However, it is also more comfortable with a turned down collar with a pleated front and double French cuffs.

Trousers for tuxedos need to have a natural taper and follow the shape of the leg. The bottom of the trouser should always be plain with no cuffs and should break on top of the shoe. Each trouser leg should have a satin braid – this however has become optional. These days the pleated trousers are gaining preference, however one must make sure that the folds of the pleats should open towards the center. The waist band must never be exposed.

The neck tie must be in a bow shape and its texture should always match the facings on the lapels i.e. either satin or grosgrain. The bow should be either in black or midnight blue and always be hand tied. It should not be larger than a medium butterfly or narrow like batwings.

When it comes to tuxedo shoes, again there are two choices. One is the ‘pump’ which is a low-cut slip-on made of patent or matte-finish leather with a dull ribbed silk bow in front. The other is a ‘patent-leather oxford’ which is a plain-toe lace-up shoe made with thin soles and a small toe. Tuxedo is not truly complete without right selection. A tuxedo package offers a unique stylish look for every man’s personality. If you need to get excellent tuxedos, then order your suits right away on