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Mens Top Coats

Men’s topcoats or trench coats are overcoats meant to be worn on top of their outfits to protect themselves from cold or the rains. Trench coats have been around for centuries and they retain their original design and structure till date, and they still serve the functionality of a wet weather gear. They are roughly used in rugged environments like the military, adventure sports, and extreme weather conditions like a stormy day or a cold windy day. However they are quite common even on ordinary days and for occasions like work, outdoor walk during the winter and so on. Trench coats usually come in khaki color, although they can come in other colors as well.

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Fabric And Structure

Since they are meant to be used in bad weather conditions, they are usually made of wool, cotton, leather and other water resisting materials. Wool and cotton usually waxed to make it water repellant, so that they can be worn during the rainy days. Cotton blend with a water resistant wax is a good, affordable option for staying warm and also as a fashion accessory. Leather being heavier and warmer than cotton and wool, is a good choice for colder days but it isn’t popularly used as the other fabrics.

A topcoat is traditionally a long overcoat, usually of a double breasted military style, with six to ten buttons for fastening depending on the length. The appropriate length for is from three to four inches above the knees. The sleeves may be cuffed or un- cuffed, and may or may not sleeve buttons. They can be belted, half-belted, or unbelted but traditionally they host a detachable D- Ring belt. Hence the formality is reduced when the belt is absent. Wearing a belted one also ensures a flattering fit around the torso and thus produces a slimming effect. They also usually have a large turn down collar which, when worn up, protects the wearer from the wind and gives a panache to his look.

Tips To Nail The Topcoat

  • Men should buy a topcoat of the correct length that goes in par with their height. Hence, shorter men should buy shorter coats. Taller men should opt for coats that are appropriate to their heights.

  • The coats should generally be large enough that you can wear them over suit jackets and sweaters.

  • The sleeve lengths should be long enough to cover the sleeves of the jacket or the sweater that you are wearing underneath the coat. They should be belted usually, so that they offer a flattering fit.

  • Wear it unbuttoned over a formal shirt and trouser pants combo to give a business casual or a semi- formal look. Wear a pair of black monk straps to complete the look.

  • They can be equally paired with casual clothes like dark denims, chinos, jumpers, sweater- vests, sweaters t- shirts, shirts, and basically everything that are good for the autumn- winter season.