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Hugo Boss Suits

Men's suits play a vital role in business meetings, job interviews, formal dinners, weddings, formal parties, dressy parties, proms, everyday work, ceremonies and festivals, and other special occasions. Hugo Boss suits are considered to be a great brand of suits which are very versatile and suitable for people with all kinds of skin tones and body shapes. There is a sense of manliness and class conveyed through suits which are quite absent in other outfits. A suit is worn with the intention of making a statement of oneself, create a certain image or simply create an expression. The suits of Hugo boss are of great quality and are made of standard wool. The fabric is expensive and of high durability. The stitching and sewing is done by professionals and therefore tend to be highly durable. Hugo Boss suits tend to enhance your charm and elegance through the vast collections of suits it possesses.

The Journey Of Hugo Boss

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Hugo Boss established his company in Metzingen, Germany, a few years after the end of World War I, when most of the country was in a war ravaged state. During World War II, Boss's company both designed and manufactured uniforms for the military. Boss died in 1948, and the company went into doldrums until the 1950s. Thereafter in 1953, Hugo Boss released its first suit design for menswear. The recreation of Rosenquist's paper suit by HUGO BOSS is a continuation of the company's commitment to its long term, global collaboration with the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, New York. Through this partnership, HUGO BOSS has sponsored retrospective exhibitions of numerous boundary-breaking artists including Ross Bleckner, Georg Baselitz, Ellsworth Kelly and Robert Rauschenberg.

The grandsons of Hugo Boss, Uwe and Jochen Holy, took over the reins and moved the company forward to create the famous Boss Suits. The company released its very first suit designed for men in 1953. The brothers created men's suits in colorful hues made from durable, quality fabrics and gained recognition in the market. Over the decade, Hugo Boss won over competition by introducing trendier suits made of light Italian fabric, in contrast to the traditional German suits that were made of rigid and heavy fabrics. The company started exports during the 70s, and entered the United Sates in 1976. The high-priced Hugo Boss suits instantly gained acceptance in America and was popularized by celebrities like Sylvester Stallone, Bjorn Borg and the Miami vice cops. In 1985, the company went public and renamed itself Hugo Boss AG. Two more labels were added namely Hugo - for the young and hip professional, and Baldessarini - for the classy top executive. Over the years, the company introduced more labels, including the casual Boss Golf and Boss Sport lines