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44s Suits

44s suits are suits whose name indicate the size of the suit. The number indicates the size of the suit while the alphabet indicates the length of the coat. The letter s helps in determining the height of the man. A man who is in need of a 44s suit is between the height of 5.5 to 5.7 feet. These 44s suits are extremely trendy and create a long lasting impression. Invest in these suits which are crafted fashionably and which exude flamboyance and style. 44s suits are short length suits. Generally formal jacket and blazer types come in the 44s size.

Formal jackets-suit jackets and blazers

These come in many sizes including the size 44 to fit the chest. Size 44 indicates the chest size. Traditionally suit jacket sleeves sport 4 buttons and sometimes 3 buttons. In high quality suits, they have a specific purpose or function. The buttons in high quality jackets are tailored to ensure that these men can wash their hands without unbuttoning. This is done to attract attention to themselves presenting them in a light of high social etiquette. Further, suits designed in this manner are considered to be really fashionable and of higher grade. This type of tailoring also encourages men to use handkerchiefs. The formal jacket suits usually have jetted pockets. These pockets are narrow horizontal side openings. They usually exhibit a smooth and shiny appearance. The next style is the flap pocket style. Formal jackets are usually vent less, center vented or side vented. Lapels on formal jackets come with a button. Conventionally, there will be a button hole on the left lapel, else on very quality jackets, there will be one on the right lapel.

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Racing green martin check blazer

It provides for a distinguished and impressive form. It is a great addition to one's clothes closet. Fabricated from an ultra-superlative blend of wool and polyester and designed with a windowpane pattern, it ensures minimum shrinkage and swanky look. It is single vented and lined fully to provide superior levels of comfort. Colored in fine blue, this 3 pocketed blazer has a strong heritage value.

There are many more 44s suits like the racing green conroy check blazer, Paul Costello Haydon Wool-rich suit jacket, Racing Green Pearce Check jackets and so on. Many 44s suits can be found on various ecommerce websites on browsing through them.

What is the importance of the number and the letter in the 44s suits

As it was already specified in the introduction, when we see the number with the alphabet, we know that the suit is of that size and can also ascertain the coat's length. But this 44s nomenclature also indicates the size of the pants. The size 44s means that the pants are slightly shorter than the regular ones. 44s size tells us the size of the chest, trousers and waist also. Suppose, one does not fall under the regular size, then he has to customize the suits. A suit which does not come with the perfect fit will not give one a good look. Instead, if he tailors the suit to provide perfect size at the waist, neck, shoulders and perfect height also, then he will look splendid. The letter s in the 44s terminology helps the dressmakers to learn of a man's height. Men who fall in the height range of 5.5 to 5.7 feet need 44s suits. Some suits come in the correct size and height. But, they are not of the correct fit. In that case there are experts to cater to one’s modification requirements. One can take their help.


44s suits specify the size and the length of the coat. There are various nomenclatures like 44R, 44L and so on which specify various sizes and various lengths. This is an easy way for buyers to know the size instead of measuring it or depending on the customer-service to help them out. Mensitaly has wide collection of 44s suits for men. Browse through our site to find the best fit and styled 44s suit for you.