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Mens suitsMens suits have traditionally enjoyed tremendous popularity over the decades and deemed the right attire for different occasions - like social events, business meetings, corporate functions and wedding parties. There may be various types of men's suits and fashion may keep changing but hitherto no male attire has been invented to replace the time-tested menís attires.

Broadly speaking, menís suits for weddings and parties may be classified into four different types of designs - Solid, Pinstripe, Windowpane, and Check patterns.

Solid suit:
It is a plain basic type of suit that is mostly of a single color. People who wear them generally opt for colors such as black, charcoal gray, navy blue and rarely white. Some of the less favored colors are brown, khaki, tan, and purple. They are rather prosaic and they are the preferred choice of people who want to keep a low profile and appear sedate and not flamboyant at parties and social meets.

Pinstripe suit:
Mens suits It is of a popular pattern that consists of vertical lines running all over the suit jacket and pants. These stripes are of medium width and thickness or they are pencil striped or chalk striped. The pencil striped ones are thin and narrow spaced while the chalk striped ones have thick stripes. It lends the wearer a stern appearance and best suited for serious minded persons.

Windowpane suit :
It is lot more stylish and flamboyant and this suit pattern has running lines both vertically and horizontally to make square "windowpane" patterns. Private parties and less formal social events are ideal times to wear this type of suit. Matching this with a stylish and well-tailored shirt and colorful tie can make you conspicuous in any wedding or other types of parties.

Check pattern suits:
These are one of the flamboyant styles that can be ideally worn for major social events including weddings. It consists of vertical and horizontal lines running throughout the suit to create an eye-catchy fascinating pattern. Tailoring this type of attires calls for professional expertise as it will be difficult to match the lapels and pockets with the main body of the coat.

Mens suits

Wedding suits:
Needless to say, the most important of all types of menís suits is the wedding suit. They are designed and tailored with great care and are made using rich fabrics. They can be found in many different styles, fabrics and colors - to match individual tastes and the scale of the wedding.

Ready-made menís suits:
They are best avoided as quite often they do not perfectly fit the wearerís body shape unlike the specially tailored ones. Readymade jackets will require alterations including lengthening or shortening of the sleeves. Pants too will need proper hemming. If you can afford and also have the time, it is wise to opt for a specially tailored suit customized to your body fitness needs.


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